At JT Sport, we understand the complexity of sports projects. That’s why we want to provide everything necessary for sports projects to succeed and achieve their goals.

From our experience and vision we provide everything necessary for sports projects to be successful. Boost your sports projects and optimize your sports facilities with our comprehensive approach.


At JT SPORTS, we are experts in the design and construction of high-quality sports facilities. Our passion for sports is reflected in every project we undertake. What sets us apart is our commitment to build and assemble our own padel courts, giving you full control over quality and excellence at every stage of the process.

We advise the entire facility design process, from the layout and orientation of the courts to the choice of materials and construction processes

guidance in the process of sports facility constructioncomprehensive advice Installation of paddle tennis courts

We help you take your first steps, avoiding the most common mistakes.

We develop your Business Plan with you and accompany you through each stage of the project.

We provide comprehensive advice in club management: business orientation, facility and staff management, defining products and services, feasibility and marketing plans, and more.

We provide comprehensive management of the paddle tennis academy: work methodology, organizational charts, training and management of coaches, creation of training programs…