It is born under the guidance of our director, Joaquín Torrente Martínez (a coach with the highest official European certifications), where students, through our methodology, will learn and achieve their maximum potential.

Our methodology is based on the individualization of each student, customizing the training for each of them. We will guide our students throughout their progress to help them achieve their best version and their goals.
We firmly believe that technique is an essential element for the improvement of our students. Therefore, from the very beginning, we will focus on it to create a solid foundation upon which they can grow.


  • Private and group classes from beginners to competitive levels
  • Junior/Youth school
  • Organization of tournaments and events
  • Competitive teams
  • Specialized training sessions


Discover the nearest JT Sports Academy to you. We are located where the fervent activity of paddle and tennis takes place at an international level.

JT Paddle Academy Castellón

At JT Academy, located in Castellón, we guide our students throughout their progress to help them achieve their best version and their goals in paddle tennis.

We have our own paddle team, JT Paddle Academy, in addition to level-based courses and private lessons for paddle tennis and tennis.

Keep reading to discover everything that the academy and its facilities have to offer.

Grupo de padel tenis en Castellón

Paddle and tennis in Castellón de la Plana

We know what our customers value most. That’s why we’ve created a place in Castellón where you can have a great time in a highly motivating environment. Come meet us and start playing, you’ll achieve progress and beat your own records.

At Play Paddle Indoor, we offer comprehensive, modern, and innovative facilities. This space is designed and equipped for you to feel very comfortable.

Personalized technical test

Conducting a test with a 50% discount off the private class price where we conduct a preliminary interview before entering the court and where we prepare a report on the student's technique for the subsequent planning of the season.



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Play Padel Indoor Castellón

12006, Castellón

Paddle and tennis facilities in Castellón de La Plana

Play Padel Castellón Services

Come enjoy your favorite sports to the fullest. Surround yourself with sports enthusiasts: both the team of professionals and the peers who share this passion.

JT Paddle Academy Castellón

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