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At JT Paddle Experiences, we offer organized packages so you can fully enjoy paddle tennis with accommodations in cities like Valencia, Castellón, Dubai, and more.

Valencia Paddle Experiencie

An exclusive selection of locations: paddle tennis clubs, premium coaches, and local elite tournaments.

Everything is ready for you to enjoy to the fullest. Join the Valencia Paddle Experience.

A unique experience by the Mediterranean.

Welcome to a great JT paddle tennis experience in the Valencian Community

Do you want to experience the lifestyle of professional paddle tennis players?

Come to Valencia with us and enjoy an unforgettable paddle tennis experience. We offer a wide range of possibilities.

Our Packs

Choose the pack that best suits your needs.



Dates selected by us.

Improve your technique and tactics over a few days.

You will compete in a Spanish amateur tournament.

JT Padel Experiencie Custom


Flexible dates: tailored to your preferences.

Customize your trip with paddle tennis lessons and training games designed by our qualified coaches.

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